Shackles of Society

Hello soft hearted people! You know, I recently tumble upon my quora. And a question dragged all my attention. I couldn't stop myself to answer answer to that question as I was once bothered with the same thing. So here in this article I will be sharing what was the question and how I answered.

They say that you are sad being alone. How is it for you? Do you try to run away from aloneness?


Thanks for requesting answer. I’m glad that you see capability in me to answer your question.

From the start we have been taught to think of others before self. That is really a great thing but one thing we are not taught is, to what limitations we have to think of others? The world is equally courteous and cruel.

We don’t know where and how who is playing ‘the black sheep’ in the background. We have heard many times, read many times in internet that “life is the most difficult exam. Many people fail because they try to copy others not realizing that everyone has different question paper.” Actually we are trained to live in a society but with time we come to know how to limit and implement the things we are taught.

Same ways we are taught to think of others first which is very great thing for humanity but we should also know to which level should we think. Suppose someone wants your life, will you give up just to make that person happy? No, right? I’m sure this might be the serious situation where we can make excuse to change our own ethics. Serious things start with the simple confusion and then it turns out to the complications.

Shackles of Society

‘They say’ this term is the most toxic thing anyone could ever have in life and is enough to create confusions. Billions of people in the Earth, billions of brains, billions of thoughts, even we have our brain, we do can think and we do are trained then why to rely always on ‘THEY’? Do those ‘THEY’ are God? Do those ‘THEY’ have never ever done mistakes?

Before thinking about ‘they say’, we should think what you feel by yourself? I can understand sometimes we choose wrong paths but to recognize the wrong path and to leave is our own responsibility. To recognize the wrong path, we should be aware of the situation we are going through and circles.

Now getting back to the question, ‘Somebody says’ and ‘you are sad’ are two different things. Firstly I think we should ask ourselves. Are we really sad? If the answer is no then there should not be further more question in the topic but if the answer is yes then we should ask again the reason with self. If the answer is Being alone then my friend this is some another topic if I explain it here the answer might get lengthy and you may find it boring so I will suggest you to go through This link .

Not every time being alone can be sadistic. Someone can enjoy being alone. Loneliness can make you sad but being alone is not always responsible. There might be different reason for sadness. Answer is within us. Many people thinks it’s easy to say when you are unaware of the situation. Even I am gone through these things. Whenever I was told that I’m in bad company or I’m sad or I should communicate with others/ hanging out with others, I doubted myself several times. May be I was too young to understand myself. After trying to change myself for several times I realize that the real nature, the originality can’t be changed just to fit in the society. I then started to spend sometime being alone at least for an hour a day which made me realize much more. It made me more happy. I could realize my mistakes, my lies, my happiness, my sorrows, my cries, everything. There was no more hiding again.

If I’m asked personally I would say one should never hide away from aloneness.

Most of our complicated answers are within us. We know our own evil side and we know our own divine side. We may be not 100% honest to the rest of the world but we are always to ourselves then why don’t we take our own opinion first?

It’s all about what we choose positivity or negativity.

This is what I answered and what I treasured from my life. It is not bad though. I would say its matter of experience.

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Jasmine Indigo

Jasmine Indigo is an empath & ambivert personality who brings cheerfulness in work environment and professionalism. This skill is very essential & important to balance between stress of work and life.

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