Feeling Emotional & Sad

Is it wrong to feel emotional and sad even in a small thing?

Hello soft hearted people! First of all, I am so sorry for those who are going through a battle; battle of self, self-emotions and social norms. You may be left unanswered may be from others or may be from yourself, so I am back with the brand new topic here which is Feeling Emotional & Sad.

Lots of people have no daring when it comes to express battle of their own inner world. We are always been taught to feel embarrassed for expressing too much. I am glad some of us try to question before we live with someone’s ideology. We often feel like the way we are going against the norms is the right path? Is it good to face a Feeling Emotional & Sad?

First of all for those who are doubting for being emotional, don’t ever forget that you are a human. You do have senses. You are alive my friend! You feel hurt when you have injuries, you feel like crying when someone just break your heart, you feel happy when someone showers love, you feel angry when someone irritates you. You are a human not a robot. It’s okay if you express yourself, that’s what an honest human does. Nature has given equal “characteristic mechanism “for the entire human but it’s up to us how much we use the mechanism. It’s not necessary that everyone has perfect “characteristic mechanism”. For some people, getting sentimental while watching emotional scene in a movie is just embarrassing because they think more logically. They believe if the movie is just a drama made for entertainment purpose only and there is no relation with the reality then why are we supposed to react, technically even those people are right but my friend; Our sub-conscious mind can’t differentiate reality and movie. It feels like real experience so if someone is feeling the emotions portrait in the movie then even the person is not wrong.

Feeling emotional and sad even in a small thing

Everyone has own way of reacting and own reasons. Just because one reason has logic doesn’t mean the specific person is always right. May be you may have no logic for your own reasons but you may know the feeling, the one point that made you react instantly. It is all about how you feel about yourself and the world. Just because you are adult or a male or maybe an elder family member or a professor doesn’t snatch your human rights. Our identity is beyond social norms and values. We are humans (a special breed of animal which has high IQ in earth).

But there is always a pointer my friend, a small side and everything is ruined. Let me explain you with an example, suppose your teacher is helping you solve a problem. Your teacher is not scolding you but has a strict tone and if you began crying there then it can lead you to problem. Well in this case you might have reason to cry. The reason may be you were too scared but my friend this time its your inner world. In such a scenario you have to trust yourself, be patient before reacting and let happen whatever probable things could be. Once you face the entire moment you will know by yourself your reaction in the very starting was really worthy or not. This is how you will know by yourself where to react and how much.

As I told you there is always a pointer, I just told you what one small slide can do. Can you imagine what could happen if that one small slide goes to reverse direction of the pointer? Let me answer by myself I know in between my answers you cannot instantly interact so let me continue with my own written speech lol..

So One small slide, opposite to the pointer means emotionless. Actually everyone has emotions those whom we known as “emotionless” and “heartless” actually have habit of hiding feelings and emotions. This lead them to many challenges in life. Those people start behaving emotionless even when the time and situation demands like funeral; which prove themselves unfit for socialization.

Thinking of expressing yourself can’t be matter of selfishness. It’s not always about being selfish. It’s also about self-love but be aware one small slide and your self love can be transformed into self-obsession.

I am asked so many questions but surprisingly at the end I conclude myself with the same one answer and that is solution is within you. Just think from different angle if you can. Observe yourself more and the situations happening around you. You will learn to balance. Because Life is all about observing and balancing a boat floating in a river of emotions! Hope if I could help you with my article anyway! Thanks for reading this article on Feeling Emotional & Sad.

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Jasmine Indigo

Jasmine Indigo

Jasmine Indigo is an empath & ambivert personality who brings cheerfulness in work environment and professionalism. This skill is very essential & important to balance between stress of work and life.

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