Fighting Against the world? How do you feel?

When you are alone, the world is against you, How do you feel?

This question triggers me with my hurtful memories but I would love to answer the question in a hope that whoever will read this can get some ideas.

So far I know every situation’s impact relies on time, age, mental state and various scenario. Let me explain you with the same scenario as per the question. If you are a small kid of 8–10 years and everyone is already against you then you cannot feel at the very moment. What you feel is literally confused like a normal child. You may feel a bit bad but at the end ( I may sound a bit rude and negative but this is the fact) your emotions are in the hand of your elders. They can drive your emotions in any direction. As soon as you made your mind up with a strong point, your mind gets washed.

If in same scenario there is a teenager, there is 80–20 chances. 80% chance of being rebel and fighting against everyone and 20% chances of again getting manipulated. Well this is output of fighting against everyone that I am talking about, I must talk about feeling here but without explaining the output of hypothetical situation, its very difficult to explain. So, coming back to the point again, In such a scenario, a person somehow start to feel and experience loneliness and sadness. This is the stage where a human starts analyzing everything by own but still the age is much sensitive. You are again manipulated you don’t even know what’s being manipulated called and how does it feel then you start hoping that now you are on right track same thing won’t happen in future. Again your mind and emotion gets reset just like a phone but your SD card (mind) has files (memories) somewhere in the folder that you are not going to open soon.

How do you feel Fighting against the world

Now, as an adult when you realize, that the world, okay lets clear one thing what can be the term “world” in this question be? In 7.8 billion of population, you are familiar to hardly 8000 people in which hardly 150 - 300 people is in touch with you in regular basis but for a human the world means those people whom they are connected with heart, it can be mother, father, wife, husband, lover, friends, brother, sister or other relatives. Human can fight with stranger but not with those people who are closed ones because the meaning of world to human is closed ones. So when it comes to fighting with “the world” , obviously as an adult you feel broken completely broken and confused. Now you begin recalling the moments one by one; happy moments and hurtful moments with your closed ones and you analyze what has happened with you in your entire life. You start surfing your SD card (mind) and open files (memories) in the folder. You recall happy moments get hurt as you don’t understand how “the world” can be hurtful, how the world kept manipulated you with the happy moments. You recall the hurtful moments and get frustrated how could you be unaware of the things you go through.

As an adult you feel hurt, frustrated, sad, confused, broken. In short you feel like your base of the life has fallen apart. Just a moment of realization and now you are culprit. Your “world” and the rest of 8000 people who know you with your name or have hardly meet you is now blaming you for fighting against your “world”. You are now misjudged and misinterpreted. Your image is collapsed. Your soul is lost. You have no other option then restarting your life if you are stubborn.

For the rest of the world’s population who is completely strangers, fighting doesn’t matter at all. We don’t even get chance to meet everyone.

I just hope no one in the world has to face this kind of situation in life. May everyone live a happy life with their own “world”.

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Jasmine Indigo

Jasmine Indigo

Jasmine Indigo is an empath & ambivert personality who brings cheerfulness in work environment and professionalism. This skill is very essential & important to balance between stress of work and life.

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