Binaural beats truth and advantages

Binaural beats truth and advantages

What makes music do you think? Can music improve creativity? Can it enhance your focus? What strength is there in music? If you think so, then you think right, 'Music is such a power that transforms your thinking into reality. That activates your conscious and subconscious mind.

So the theme discussing today is binaural beats. These beats can do wonders in your life. These beats will help to give you confidence and motivation, you can overcome your stress and anxiety. Turn your Subconscious mind on. It has been proven in many studies, you will find many examples using binaural beats that have enhanced their lives.

music improves creativity

What are binaural beats?

What are binaural beats

Binaural means 2 ears, you know that music reaches our brain through a sound wave, and our brain accepts those waves. Binaural beats are those that give different beats in both ears. Create a vibration. It is very important for you to understand the knowledge behind it before understanding the science before it. Binaural beats allow 2 different frequencies to reach your brain through your ears, as 2 different frequency beats allow you to hear, so obviously one of them will be higher than the other. , So what is the frequency of high frequency and low frequency in it the relation between high frequency and low-frequency beats is due to the convention that communication between our left and right brain Because of this, a hormone called cortisol reduces its level. Your stress and anxiety go away and your IQ increases. And a study also proved that people who practiced binaural beats increased IQ by 23%.

If we talk about the benefits of binaural beat, then you'll be surprised to hear that there are so many benefits. In managing pain, increasing concentration, self-improvement, overcoming the problem of sleeplessness, relaxing, studying memory, studies, addiction can also be eliminated. It is only through the brain that the direct connection of the beat is with the brain, so why not have so many benefits? But since there is no medicine for every disease, in the same way that binaural beat is not a type, there are five states. There are different states that have different effects.

Types of binaural Beats

Types of binaural Beats

Alpha state:-The first state is the alpha state. This is the difference between two 7 Hz-13 Hz frequencies, it increases your focus, learning, and creativity. Produces serotonin that makes you feel good inside your body. Does send you a feeling of joy. And if you need concentration and imagination when there is such a job, then you can use alpha state before doing the job.

Beta state:-The second state is the beta state when the difference between two frequencies is between 13 Hz-39 Hz, these beats increase your motivation, and you can use those beats when you feel demotivated. Alerts you in your concentration more than it works too, increases your problem-solving skills, improves your sexual health.

Delta state:-When the two frequencies differ less than 4 Hz. Practicing delta state is very good for humans. Those people who have this issue have so many dreams that they are frightened in sleep. So you can sleep well and have good dreams, and now you can manage your physical and emotional pain. Self-consciousness helps inform yourself and delta state helps activate your brain and subconscious mind.

Theta state:-If the difference between 2 frequencies is between 4 Hz-7 Hz. For such situations, the theta state is beneficial if you are looking for inner peace, finding happiness, getting rid of any addiction, or deep meditation.

Gama state:-The difference is more than 40 Hz between the Gamma state which is the last state. This is the state you want to reach your peak awareness increasing your intelligence. You feel connected to everyone, it increases your self-control.

How to use binaural beats

Let's talk about how to use it. You can choose the beat depending on the area that you wish to improve. Listen for 10 minutes, you'll slowly get used to it in the beginning, you can increase the time span. You can listen to them before you do any work, like studying, before you can listen to the focus beat. You can listen to them for relaxation after the work is over. You’re going to feel yourself when you use it, and understand more. You can decide when to listen, and how much to listen to.

Any new thing you do may be uncomfortable at first, which is not the habit of your brain. You will get uncomfortable at first. But it will become normal in a few days. The brain may take time to grasp this beat’s effect. When you start listening to binaural beat, new neuronal pathways are formed in the brain that connect emotion and feeling to. It can also activate some old emotions. Some old memories of feeling may come up but don't worry. All this is noisy, there's going to be a little bit of noise, but slowly your mind is going to be tuning and that noise is going to be silent.

Your headphone is the most important thing to take advantage of this beat. The reason for this is the sound coming in one ear, which should not come in the other ear. That's why it's very important that your headphone or earphone is stereo, not mono, meaning that the same sound is coming in both ears.

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December 5, 2021
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