What to do if someone bullies

Hey guys! once again here I bring some answer that you might be seeking for so long as this has been the situation everyone goes through at least once in a lifetime. I found someone seeking for answers with the question below and here is what I answered.

My whole class is against me because I am the smallest in age in my class and still a topper. They keep troubling me mentally. What should I do?


This issue is what you have to face until your death. Hold on! I am not demotivating you. Before diving into any conclusion try to know the thing completely first. See the question you are asking is barely answered question. In rare condition it’s answered but with the partial information.

Usually, we are taught on various subjects, emotions, cultures, religions but we are never taught about human behavior. Our parents sometimes give partial knowledge which is not enough. We are just commanded to ignore or avoid without any explanation and justification about the ongoing situation. In such kind of scenarios sometime we often feel like loneliness; like ‘no one understands me’ scenarios. Life is an open learning platform. You are taught basic introduction but all of the chapters are supposed to cover by you. Whatever you are facing right now is a kind of repetitive scenario that you will be seeing in your every chapter.

See in life wherever you go you will be facing these kind of situations. Today you are facing this situation not because you are younger than your classmates. It’s because you are the topper. You can ask any of the topper in your circle. Everyone has to go through this, may be in a different manner. Topper of class 5 is bullied for huge specs. Toppers of class 8 is bullied for being a stammer. Topper of class 9 is body ashamed. People never stops. If you were of similar age as of your classmates, you were supposed to be bullied in other way but this time with different reason.

No one is perfect. Everyone has some weaknesses. The one who bullied you may definitely have some fear and insecurities. They may have fear of failing the exam, they may have fear of being unloved by teachers and so on. They are imperfect too but they don’t show anyone. Humans do have weakness and strengths. It’s okay to have weakness same like it’s okay to have strengths. It’s part of life.

what to do if someone bullies

Usually when people can’t achieve what you achieved, they start bullying you. So, because of the insecurities and enviousness people will try to break you and pull your leg so that you reach to their level. When your strength is the one that many desires but haven’t, then they acts weird.

See this happens everywhere with everyone. A gifted person is always bullied. Even celebrities are often trolled. You can observe yourself. Whenever someone in your locality makes good money, you may encounter your neighbors questioning about his income source.

These people deserves sympathy. They can’t have what we are having so that are just frustrated. You know what a frustrated person does? Ask a person who just threw frustration on someone and is in calm at the moment. In majority people are unaware of what blunder they did to someone.

Since you have finally got familiar with the reality. You can make your own solutions but yeah I would like to give some ideas with a hope that it works.

1. Stop getting too involved : When you know that you are not treated well. Recall what was your motive of going to school; to learn right? what is your interest; learning right? so, just focus on your motive and interest. Don’t get too attached.

2. Stay around positive people : You can stay around the people who boost your confidence. It can be your teacher or few friends who understands you or supports you. You may not have friends but at least you may have some teachers who are likely to motivate you. You can spend your leisure time with your teacher as well.

3. Speak when it’s required : See if you are non talkative person, this may not be a big issue for you. Yeah if you are talkative it can be like killing your real nature. See you don’t have to quit your nature but yeah when you such kind of toxic people, try to speak less and to the point in a polite way if necessary. You can ignore it completely, if someone is bullying.

4. Make friends : Don’t forget we are human and we are social animal. Socializing is equally important as knowing the reality. All the humans are not selfish and destructive. Though you may not have good friends in your school but you may find good in your way, at home, in your tuitions, in your family as well. Friendship does not necessarily requires same age factor. Your grandpa/your friend’s grandpa can be your friend. Your junior can be your friend. Let some criteria move out from your filter and see how many people fit into your circle.

5. Ignore/Avoid negativity : Always ignore the negative things that people talk about you and others. Don’t entertain such kind of negativity. If someone says something negative about you or your actions when in reality it’s not, simply ignore.

6. Keep your mind firm : Always keep your mind firm towards positivity but remember you should also look into the authenticity of that negative comment so that you know you are not getting egoistic/over confident.

7. Design your world : Have you ever told that you can customize your world as per your wish. You can decide what to include in your life and what not. You can definitely choose happiness over misery. Positivity is what requires for the happiness. So for positivity you should keep every positive things in life that helps you to be happy.

8. Be gentle to yourself : There are several ways that can minimize your sorrow but may fail to evict sorrow from your life completely. We are human and yeah sometimes a small thing can affect us, so always remember be gentle to yourself. Whatever the situation is once you are gentle to yourself, you automatically end up being gentle to others.

At last, what everyone should be aware of is stay positive but if the line is crossed then raise voice and ask for help/justice. If what you are facing is not just bully anymore/ you are started getting abused, then don’t wait for more suffering. Simply take require action. Above mentioned ideas are for self growth and knowledge, it doesn’t encourage anyone to tolerate but reacting in every single thing may result in struggles to fit in the society. Despite of the dirty nature of mud, lotus grows and blooms.

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