Parallel Universe and its Theory

I'm going to tell you about this great universe, which you're going to hear and be completely shocked.

We have always known that earth is the only world in this universe where life is possible. But the progress made in science over the last few years has changed this strike. Today, scientists believe that there could be a planet where life was in this universe before the universe. That's why efforts are increasing day by day to find another planet like our Earth. What if I say that there is no replica like Earth in this universe, but just like Earth, where this city is the same sea, that animal and even your own form. Yes, this theory is parallel universe.

What is parallel universe? And what is the scientific reason behind this theory?


We recognize universe is called universe. The word UNI stand for one. Before understanding the parallel universe, let us understand how our universe came to be. At the beginning of this universe, it was just dark. At that time not a single particle existed. Not even time, because time did not exist even before the beginning of the universe. Nothing used to exist. Then at one point there was a huge explosion and our universe would form. And due to that explosion even today, our universe is spreading very fast which we call the expansion of the universe. According to many world theories, our universe is one of many universe which exists simultaneously. At the same time, there is a parallel universe which exists at the same time with our universe. But that other universe cannot see our universe, nor can we see the other universe because both different dimensions exist. Like in this universe, while reading our article at the moment, there is also a parallel universe, in which you will be doing something else, and sleeping in another universe, and in another universe, you will be eating and likewise, its possibilities will never end. Meaning all the universe are present with it at the same time.


What could happen in a parallel universe is beyond your imagination. What you might think of is that they all have different universes. You mean one universe you are rich, and you are (don't mind) a poor person in another universe. If the principles are followed then the flow of the parallel universe out of our universe is very different. And parallel universe means you do not understand that parallel universe is that the same during this existence. It’s speaking of multiverse, meaning multiverse and our universe is one among multiverse. Meaning parallel isn't an equivalent, meaning there are many universes. So the law of physics for all is entirely different, meaning there would be anything like this in certain universes, where particles behave differently. The law of gravitation will be completely different in another universe, meaning the law of nature will be quite different. It's a science of fiction according to most people, because there's no scientific evidence for it. A lot of people think this is just an idea. According to the psychologist George Ellis, there is no parallel universe, because even if we believe it exists, there is no way to test it, we have, and according to the people who believe in the existence of the parallel universe, even these cosmos have no relation to each other. This is why we can never know whether or not it exists. It's always a mystery.


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February 10, 2022
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