Difference between feeling lonely and being alone

Experience of feeling lonely but not being alone

The topic has deep meaning if is understood properly. Many people interpret these two terms as separate topic and unknowingly looks for "Feeling lonely vs being alone".

Feeling lonely and alone are two different things. Many people in the world are lonely but they are not alone. people are busy with their family, friends, neighbors and so on but what is inside a person is completely a mystery. A person can be sad and lonely in crowd and a person can be happy and joyful when he is alone.

Here we need to understand difference between loneliness and being alone. Loneliness simply means a state where you are missing something in life either it’s person or good memories whereas alone is a space that you give to yourself. You can be happy to give time to yourself even if you are alone and you can be sad to give time to your closed ones even if you are in a get-together or a party or a vacation.

Feeling lonely vs being alone

I hope you have finally known the difference. Now, I would love to share my experience to you for your general information. I had felt loneliness many times and unfortunately it was not the time when I was alone. I was with my family, my few friends, my relatives and all; but still I could feel myself getting drowned emotionally. No-one literally no-one at that point did understand me. I was unhappy attending boring party, attending family get-together where I was forced to fake my smile, my physical issues, my behavior. Humans are really a weirdo you know? Humans always go for the group where certain humans match with the certain group criteria. and I belong to weirdest no.1 haha.

I did not belong to any group that might be reason that I did not enjoy the parties, the get together. I did not enjoy it and I did not like it so I was in the crowd feeling lonely. Its the worst and helpless feeling a person could experience. Simply to understand the experience you can imagine surviving one hour lecture of the most boring subject in the world.

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Jasmine Indigo

Jasmine Indigo is an empath & ambivert personality who brings cheerfulness in work environment and professionalism. This skill is very essential & important to balance between stress of work and life.

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