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Answering Some Questions

Here are some frequently asked life related questions on one of the crowdsourced question answer platform. Hope many of us can relate this from here and find a support in the answers.

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Reason behind feeling upset and lonely

Firstly, we should understand the concept of being upset. Being upset is the state which comes from dissatisfaction. Loneliness is the feeling of missing someone. It’s a feeling of emptiness.

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What to do if someone bullies

Usually when people can’t achieve what you achieved, they start bullying you. So, because of the insecurities and enviousness people will try to break you and pull your leg so that you reach to their level. When your strength is the one that many desires but haven’t, then they acts weird.

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Shackles of Society

Same ways we are taught to think of others first which is very great thing for humanity but we should also know to which level should we think. Suppose someone wants your life, will you give up just to make that person happy? No, right? I’m sure this might be the serious situation where we can make excuse to change our own ethics. Serious things start with the simple confusion and then it turns out to the complications.

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Feeling Emotional & Sad

First of all for those who are doubting for being emotional, don’t ever forget that you are a human. You do have senses. You are alive my friend!

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Why we feel disgusted and what is to feel disgusted?

Before asking why we feel disgusted, we need to ask ourselves what does it mean to feel disgusted. Yeah the word “disgusting” is the one more level on top of “hatred”.

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