Best Programming language for Career

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Best Programming language for Career

Objective of this Post

This article is for those who wants to pursue their career in IT & Programming. It also showcases Best Programming language for Career

Nowadays its quite easier to get guidance on career and programming which was not that easy in previous times.

Frequent Question

Many of you might already been knowing basics of programming and many of you might be confused with questions like. What will be the best programming language to start learning with? Why programming is crucial in IT career?

As you all might be knowing, most of the corporate companies have irreplaceable IT department, and each of this companies have minimum one programmer. This shows how much crucial Programming unit can be for any company.

You also might be having question like Which programming language to start with, which makes programming career easier and faster to learn.

My own Experience

I can still recall my engineering days where we all friends used to have debate on which programming language is best. Some of us choose JAVA, some of us like me choose Microsoft .Net which few chose C & C++.

Personally, I was not a fan of C Language. And the reason was that blue screen never caught my attention and made me felt bored. But later part of my career i realize how much important C Language was for programming & Logic.

C Language blue screen

According to opinion of few expertz, you can start learning programming with any programming language, Whereas according to opinion of few pro expertz, if you start learning programming with C, it becomes easier to learn base of programming & later to learn other languages faster.

95% of the world's expert programmers started their programming career with C programming.

Importance and the reason behind it's Naming

Amongst all the programming languages so far, C language is the only language that has been existing for the longest time. If we talk about the reason behind its strange name, then there was no such special logic or reason for naming of C language ... Actually, that name was given after B language, with some improvements and modifications.

C language is considered to be the Base of all programming concepts. With the understanding of C language & It's syntax, you can understand working concepts of each and every programming technique which are covered during main subjects of IT and Computer Science. That's why friends, C language is also called "Mother of all programming languages".

applications of c language

Most of the programming language's syntax is taken from C language itself, so yes, you will definitely find it easy to learn any programming language after learning C language.

Java, Python, PHP, Oracle, MySQL All languages and databases are developed in C language.

C Language crucialness in Daily life

The electronic devices used on a daily basis like TV, Microwave, Washing Machine, Fridge, Car ECU etc all consists of embedded systems which are programmed in C language itself.

Coming back to the topic, C language code can be easily converted to assembly code. Therefore, C language plays a very important role in the machine language used for hardware interfacing.

While working as a programmer, you can also come across a complex client problem that may be a challenge for you to solve. How you solve that complex problem entirely depends on your on your logic and reasoning. For example, to solve a complex problem, let's say programmer A writes 50 lines of code and programmer B writes 60 lines of code. And if programmer A runs a program in 5 milliseconds and programmer B runs a program in 6 milliseconds, we can say that programmer A has effectly found solution in accurate manner.

So logic is a very important aspect. And to develop the logic, C language is used as a base. Hence c language is one of the Best Programming language for Career

C language can also be used to create operating system and in network and device driver programming.

C and C++ are the only languages that can be used in astronomy. The reason is the speed, simplicity and portability of execution in languages.

For this reason, the C language is a universal programming language.

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