SEO vs PPC A Secret Success Formula

SEO vs PPC A Secret Success Formula explained in video

SEO and PPC has been the subject of many debates so far when it comes to online marketing strategies. Opinion stands divided between this two. Half of them says SEO is better, Whereas few of them also says PPC is more quicker and better, whereas there are also few of them who says that a combination of both is a must.

Many of times, I have been encountered question from business owners like

  • Which Strategy get more ROI ?
  • Whether PPC or SEO or both?
  • What should be the right budget while selecting this two?

Benefits of SEO

SEO is online marketing strategy wherein Expert is responsible for onpage and offpage submissions to get business keywords on top of search engine.

SEO never gives results overnight and business owner definitely need to keep higher degree of patience while expecting great results through SEO.

Its great to use SEO when

  • When consistent results are desired.
  • When you wish to build an authority site.
  • When you want to increase the value of your website.

Benefits of PPC

Whereas PPC or Pay per Click or Google ads is a product of google and customer can expect results immediately and get their website or product on top of search engine through sponsored ads section.

In case of PPC, daily budget or a monthly budget is very crucial parameter that needs to be set very precisely.

Whereas its best to use PPC

  • When immediate results are desired.
  • When highly targeted traffic is sought.
  • When promoting a time-sensitive offer.
  • If you want to dominate search results for your keyword category.

It has been proven from certain analysis and surveys that organic results are 8.5 times likely to get clicked compared to PPC results.

Alternatively there are also certain figures which proves that paid results are 1.5 times likely to get converted compared to organic results.

Both are effective methods of driving visitors to a website, but one method can work very well for certain circumstances, while with the other, you may encounter difficulties generating traffic in the same situation.

So we can never say whether to use only SEO or to use only PPC in every scenario, But it depends on Business niche and industry type, competition & situation to decide ratio of SEO and PPC.

My SEO PPC success formula

My SEO PPC success formula for all business owners mostly gives best returns. Let me provide you an idea.

If your monthly budget is < 500 USD & if competition is low – 70% SEO & 30% PPC

if competition is high – 80% SEO & 20% PPC


If your monthly budget between 500 USD & 3000 USD & if competition is low – 60% SEO & 40% PPC

if competition is high – 70% SEO & 30% PPC


If your monthly budget > 3000 USD & if competition is low – 55% SEO & 45% PPC

if competition is high – 65% SEO & 35% PPC

Conclusion of this post:

Both SEO & PPC are essential part of Marketing & both compliments each other. Depending on parameters mentioned earlier, one must choose the right balance of both to get accurate results and higher ROI. Checkout this video explaining details here.

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