Major keyword ranking factors 2020

This are very crucial & Major keyword ranking factors which must be followed for best SEO ranking and Google ranking

Here are the list of parameters and factor that you need to keep in mind and am sure your keywords are going to get great position in search.

  • Secured sites (HTTPS) - Having a HTTPS based Website definitely matters for SEO. Get an SSL Certificate ASAP.
  • Mobile-friendliness - Mobile friendly websites will have greater impact on keywords ranking in 2020 for sure.
  • Schema markup - It would be wise to use schema markup on your website. Even the experts at Moz agree with this.
  • Content Quality - It’s Time to Up the Quality of Your Website Content.
  • Content length - Most successful blog content length is important and should be between 600-900 words.
  • Page speed - A Slow Website that loads slower get high Abandonment Rate and hence gets low SEO score.
  • Social signals - Social Media Increases Online Visibility and Supports SEO Efforts to Drive Traffic to Your Website.
  • Quality backlinks - If you’ve got links from high authority websites, search engines think you must be a high authority website and place your website on a great position.
  • Optimized images - Search Crawlers “See” Images: Alt Tags, Title Tags, and File Names, so optimize images with all this tags.
  • Domain age - More older the domain, more are the chances of assistance in SEO.
  • User experience (UX) - Simple and stable user experience which is less confusing for audience and user helps in less bounce rate hence great SEO score.


Very essential to follow above Major keyword ranking factors. This might be enough for you to rank your website or blog on top of Google Search easily.

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