Learn Social Media Marketing in 15 minutes

Learn Social Media Marketing as a Beginner in 15 minutes – Learn SMM in 15 mins

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Nearly 73% of users worldwide uses Social Media, Which is a great figure.

Social Media 5-6 years back

That time of social media 5-6 years back was not that challenging. So it was very easy to bring traffic to website via Social Media networks.

Popular Social Networks

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc are some of popular social networks.

What is SMM or Social Media Marketing ?

Strategy to execute online marketing across various social networks. Now there are several ways to execute this strategy or technique. Some of the ways workout while some doesn't. So if you are working on SMM or Social Media Marketing and if it doesn't workout, its never justifiable to say that SMM is not working, While the reality would be that the strategy you might had implemented didn't worked out for that industry or a client.

2 ways of Social Media Marketing

  2. In this way, no payment is to be done on any social networks and user just focuses on posts per day or per week.

  4. This way gives instant results and user can focus on target audience & location they want their social media ads to run accordingly.

Essential Steps to master SMM

Step:1- Complete your entire profile. Do not leave any fields empty. Add meaningful bio, profile picture, websites, email, phone.

Step:2- Organize and schedule your post. Post great content and post regularly. Make sure there is no gap between your post. If you are deciding to post every week once, follow it, If you want to post twice everyday, you must need to make sure you follow that everyday.

My Secret Success formula for SMM

Also known as GACHE formula.

  • G - Setup your Goals first
  • At this time you need to decide whether you are going to showcase your products or services or you want to promote your youtube channel or videos or a website.

  • A - Analyze your competitors
  • Do not forget to analyze your successful competitors in order to study trend of market and what they have been successful so far. Also helps you catchup with trending keywords on focus areas in SMM.

  • C - Content
  • Content is the king. This is highly important part of entire SMM strategy. If content is interesting for audience and relevant, you would definitely get higher reach and engagement. It should be straight to the point and easy to understand for target audience. If they get what they want, there is no reason your SMM will not succeed.

  • H - Hashtags
  • Hashtags is a phrase of a word that starts with "#" character without any space in between. Figures shows, when you include hashtags within your posts, there are 60% more chances for your target audience to reach your post. An example would be, if the post is regarding Social Media Marketing, included hashtags cant be #SocialMediaMarketing or #SMM or #learnsocialmedia. Also be very careful not to overload number of hashtags. In linked in specifically you can limit your hashtags to 2 or 3 maximum whereas in Instagram or Facebook you can add upto 6 or 7 hashtags whereas in YouTube you can add even upto 20 hashtags.

  • E - Evaluate
  • This is the necessary phase to measure your success. Without this you might not know if you are succeeding or failing. You can evaluate regular period on how your strategy worked or it bounced. If you notice if didn't works for certain industry, there is always window to change plans and strategy rather than continuing it for months despite of it failing. This helps you get desired results within time frame.

    A Secret

    • Focus on target audience.
    • Focus on our GACHE formula.
    • Focus on Content.
    • Focus on more popular networks first.

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