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From past many years, the Web development is one of the highest paid jobs. There is a list of skills that you need to learn first, but once you learn them, many of the companies hires you as a developer or a web-designer based on your portfolio and project experiences.

What exactly is web development?

So basically, Web-development is the process of creating and functioning a website. Also, the people or group of people (community) are called as Wb-developers.

The Web-development can be generally broken down into three categories: -

Frontend web-development

C Language blue screen

The Frontend web-development also professionally known as client-side web-development, has to do with the visible parts of websites that the clients see after accessing the web. The frontend web-development uses languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript to build websites. Many frontend frameworks are there to help the developers by accessing the pre-written code of other coding communities. Popular Frameworks such as Bootstrap, SASS, Angular js, react js, Vue js etc. are used to make work of developers easy. Also, the developers should gain the skills to make their websites responsive and learn the concept of mobile-first. As nowadays maximum websites and web browsers are accessed by mobile phones or tablets, it becomes necessary to make our website best for any size of screen to make best user experience.

Backend web- development

back end web development

Backend web-development also professionally known as server-side web-development, has to do with the code running on the backside of web which is not seen by the user. It makes the requests to the site’s web server and which then appears on the user’s screen. It also becomes the bridge to store the information provided by the user and the site’s database. Backend we-development mainly includes server-side languages as C, C++, java, JavaScript, python, php, .net, GO, Ruby etc. Similar to frontend, backend languages also have many frameworks such as Laravel, ruby on rails, Django etc. The backend developer is very important as they are the considerable reason for storing the data provided by the user through sites.

Full-stack web-development

full stack web development

The web developers who have interest as well as knowledge and experience in both Frontend and Backend web- development and database, such developers are known as Full stack web developers. They have a good knowledge of both development languages and frameworks and are comfortable to work on both the web-development.

Why should I choose carrier in web-development?

We all know that nowadays everybody is surfing a lot on browsers and websites, so to make future in making such websites or web applications is obviously a wise choice who are willing to learn and are ready to learn and continuously upgrade your skills, as this field is expanding on large scale and everyday there are new frameworks and preproseccors and much more to learn. Your contacts will also increase as you will go ahead and join any of the coding community and if are talented enough, you may become a part of something big such as startups and personal businesses etc. this field will provide you the freedom to work whenever and from wherever you want to.

Apart from that, a person can do web-development as a full-time as well as can work part-time sideways along with the studies. Also, the developer can work as a freelancer if he/she has to do the work on his/her timings or on his/her terms and conditions. So, during any circumstance’s web-developers can get a job with their skills and contacts even from home with freelancing.

Extra skills for web development

There are many people who have an interest towards web but doesn’t have a coding background or they don’t have much knowledge of coding sites on their own. For such people many free coding software are available online that can help them making sites for there clients without any coding background. WordPress, wix etc. are some of the software that make this happen. These software also help the developers with coding background and have a good impact when such skill included in resume of any of the developer. Also there are free sites like free code-camp, w3schools, MDN etc. as well as there are paid courses on online sites like udemy, udacity, coursera etc. to learn web development.

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