Virtue of being Mercy & Grateful

The Story

Recently i went to a car spa shop to get it washed and have cleaning done. As i wait there for a while, i noticed a dog over there. He was definitely in pain and it seem to be as if he is looking for something he only knows.

The owner of car spa shop was quite merciful and he used to give him food time to time. As he give food to that dog, i saw him walking away and hide himself under some furniture. I couldn't understand and just asked him, is he sick or needs any treatment?

Car spa owner said, the shop is near the main road and recently that puppy dog lost his family and since then he is reacting that way. Due to hot condition, he do not eat much, but he likes to sit in cold surface and in water.

The spa owner also shared that in this 2 years time, that puppy lost entire family one after other, few of them died getting crushed on main road and remaining getting sick.

I left some contribution for him and every few days i used to pass by there to make sure he is fine. I can only think how much pain it might be for him. We can only imagine but cant feel what he is going through.

What should we do about it?

Can we just sit and watch it or can try something?

Everyone has their own sorrows and pain. We should be thankful we have family to cherish. Those who lost their family only knows how much important it is.

Being a dog lover, i now very well understand their emotions, their expectations. I have 3 dogs as part of my family and i can only say they are far more luckier than street dogs, if they are in pain, they immediately come to us, if they are hungry, they ask us. If they are thirsty they ask us. Think where poor street dogs will go and ask. They do not have any option left other than surviving on their own.

I request all dog lovers, if you come across any of this, plz dedicate some of your time and share your affection. They need that.


Be Human Being first before being Great. Establish Virtue to feel mercy or pity of individual in pain. Try your best to help animals that can't express by talking like Humans. And be Grateful for things you have in life and cherish. Cherish opportunities. Cherish Family. Cherish love and affection you get in your daily life.

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