How to be a good Human Being

Doing great in your career or earning huge amounts of money doesn’t resemble you as a good person. You need to be humble, decent and self etiquetted too…. Keep reading this article and we will be covering how to achieve that.

Why manners, rules and etiquettes?

There is a saying in English language that “WHAT YOU SOW, SO SHALL YOU REAP!!” This shows, one must keep doing good deeds without expecting anything in return and for sure, one gets great things in return. So if you do bad then don’t ever expect the other to be good with you.

The world and the relationships rely on a hugely meant but a small word “RESPECT”. Respect is the way you treat others in general language. It includes all the parameters such as speech tone, language etc.

Secondly manners and etiquettes resemble you and your personality. The more decent you are the more people will like you. Personality also plays a major role in your life ranging from household to business.


Below I am going to point down few gentlemen/ gentlelady etiquettes which are small but quite important for everyone from a small child to an adult:

  • Learn to listen others.
  • Control your emotions, especially anger.
  • Be decent.
  • Have attitude but in a good way that helps you reach your destiny.
  • Be down to the Earth no matter what you are.
  • The way you speak depicts you.
  • Never think yourself that you know everything.
  • Always progress don’t stop.
  • Choose a harder pathway for accomplishing a certain task.
  • Respect everyone including animals and money too.
  • Be wise enough to manage yourself.
  • Learn from wherever and whenever possible.
  • Perform your best.

Below points are those who are at the top level like CEOs or owners, though they are well personalized but it was necessary to jot these points down:

  • Respect everyone’s Opinion.
  • Have a habit of praising efforts no matter how worst they are.
  • Be unbiased and same & equal for everyone & everybody in the world.

Now let’s describe the above mentioned points:

  • 1) Learn to listen to others: - Communication plays a major role in everyone’s life. It includes two main components that is listening and speaking. Listening is the key aspect of the two. If you are a good listener then you can easily become a good speaker. Listening to others helps to build a positive impression amongst the others and it helps to motivate them for further presenting their ideas, thoughts and opinions which sometimes result in a beneficial way.
  • 2) Control your emotions, especially anger: - Handling your emotions is not just an activity to do but it’s an art to tackle the situation. Emotions sometime helps us greatly but in the other ways it can harm too.

  • emotions

    Controlling anger is the most key ability in one’s life. Anger destroys everything ranging from you to relations, business, family, friend circle etc. Anger damages our body to some extent. No One can completely avoid anger but we must try to stay calm all the time no matter what the situation is. For destroying anger and bringing calm in our life we should take help of meditation, natural music etc.

  • 3) Attitude, Being Down to Earth and Speech: - Attitude of something good or in a good positive manner takes a person where sky is the limit but if used in negative way it can destroy oneself too. Having a good attitude and not the EGO and being helpful whenever and wherever possible makes you down to the Earth. Speech is a key factor of one’s personality. One is judged on the basis of speech and vocabulary and speech tone too. More harsher/insultive tone you use people tend to go away from you. Be polite and humble to bring decency in your life. And decency is the key factor for attracting people towards you.
  • 4) Don’t think that you know everything and progress: - In today’s world the more you know is not the end point. According to my study, research and observation it was found out that if you think or set your mind such that you know everything then our mind stops searching for the sources to learn new things which ultimately stops your learning progress. Let me explain you with a very fine example of myself. Few years back I started learning C++ and reached till advanced level completing most of the data structures and algorithms and what not…. But one fine day I took the books of beginner’s level and started reading it thoroughly for the second time and I go to know few things which were quite important too. But what if I thought that I knew the C++ completely and never referred the beginner’s level book again?? I would have lost the chance to learn new things about the language and it same applies to our life too.

  • progress
  • 5) Choosing a harder pathway for completing a task: When you are going for a completion of a certain task then always try to choose the hardest pathway if conditions permit. Choosing the hardest pathways means training our body and mind for the worst and the toughest situations. This survival technique is never useful for the most of the times in one’s everyday life but it helps a lot during harsh conditions and helps you stay calm and think for the better and perfect solutions during the worst conditions/situations/days of your life. And there is one simple rule told by famous Bodybuilders and personalities like Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mr. Ronnie Coleman, Mr. Daniel Wellington etc. that “NO PAIN NO GAIN” more the hardships you face the more refined you become. Choosing a harder pathway might often lead to failures. Learn to face them. Fall fail Repeat until you win. Never get disappointed. If you are putting efforts at the right place and still facing failure then definitely something huge success is waiting for you but it comes to you only when you don’t give up.
  • 6) Be wise enough to manage yourself: Managing things yourself brings activity in your life boosts it up and keeps boredom away as one is always kept busy. If you learn to manage your things yourself then you are miles away from the two most difficult factors of life i.e. Laziness and being stubborn in a negative way.
  • 7) Learn from wherever and whenever possible and Performance: Learning is key a factor to achieve success in life. One must keep learning no matter how much successful they become in their life. Never stop learning, the day you stop it evidently your progress also stops. Learn from everybody and to learn from everybody you need good observing power and this power comes only when you have good concentration. Try to learn from everybody ranging from a small kid to an old man or an animal too. We might get solutions for issues too. Next is performance.

  • performance

    Performance is considered to be most important factor to give an idea or glimpse of something or yourself. The way you perform so is your impression is build. Try to perform your best no matter who is the audience. Best performance/presentation and learning will always lead you to your destiny.

  • 8) Respecting Opinions and Appreciating efforts: Consider opinions of everybody. There is a possibility that opinion of a peon would be more effective than a manager in some common case. I needed to be specific about some common case as in technical matters the people are on the respective positions because of their expertise.

  • opinions

    Also taking into consideration of opinions of all the team/fellow mates help strengthen the teamwork and often lead to new ideas and innovations. Considering opinions help people build confidence and come up with a more better idea or thought next time.


    Appreciate efforts if you want someone to put in more. According to my observation and studies we the humans are easily attracted and feel good where we are appreciated. When we appreciate one’s effort he/she likes it and puts in more efforts as human mind is fond of appreciation resulting into work perfection and precision.


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