How to Create your own Chat Bot on Telegram

You can also make your own chat bot on Telegram by following simple steps which I have shown here.

So, let’s follow it and make your own Chat Bot and chat with users anonymously.

For making our own Bot, we want to go telegram and search for BotFather. Remember that in telegram there are many duplicate Bot are available so you can choose only verified Bot as shown as below image.

creating verified bot in telegram

After that open it and press on START button. Here, we can see many different functions but now we can use one of them.

Now, click on /newbot and it ask us to choose name for our new bot. you can take any name but we must have to select unique username.

creating newbot for telegram how to create chatbot on telegram

Here, I selected Bot name as Mentoring Entrepreneur Bot and username as mentoringentrepreneur_bot.

mentoringentrepreneur bot - creating bot in telegram

Then it will send you token key and we want to verify it into another bot named Livegram Bot.

I highlighted the token into image.

livegram bot - how to create your own chatbot on telegram

Search Livegram Bot and start it and tap on /addbot. It ask for accept some terms and conditions. So, accept it and go ahead.

how to setup live chatbot in telegram

After that paste token. Then it send message as shown in screenshot.

installating chatbot in telegram

By clicking on Bot setting, You can add bot languages and get details of user, delete bot and handle bot.

Here, I’m set up welcome message like below. By clicking Boot Setting > Localization > select language(English) > Edit Strings > Type your message. Then save changes.

configuring telegram chatbot

Next, we set the welcome message which we get while open the Bot first time.

For it, open BotFather again and type /mybots and it will show you all of our bots, then click on mentoringentrepreneur_bot and we get some control buttons.

So, for changing Description follow below steps. Edit Bot > Edit Description > (Type any description & send) > It shows message of success.

how to create your chatbot in telegram

Finally, our Bot setup is done and it’s ready to use.

When any user sends message then you can give answer as anonymously using the Bot. It’s very useful to interact with different users.

answer as anonymously using the Bot
create your own chat bot on telegram

So, let’s enjoy your conversion and if you found it helpful then share with friends. And stay tuned with us for more exiting post/news/articles.

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November 19, 2020
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